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Workout the way you want using your bodyweight and variety of tools. Our gym pass includes indoor and outdoor workout areas where you can explore and challenge yourself.



Be stronger than your excuses and contact us to customize a program that suits your individual goals.

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Jose de la Cruz

Founder & Trainer

My name is Jose de la Cruz. I'm a fitness expert, I been working out for the past 15 years. I’ve competed in the men's physique division for 5 years placing top 3 in my 13th shows. My passion for fitness it to help people change their life in the most realistic way and how to approach the “diet “ lifestyle in real life. What makes me proud of my work? Seeing my clients transform their busy lifestyle to felling confident, happy, and strong. I'm here to be your personal guide on every step of the journey.

Personal Training Certifications:


American Muscle & Fitness PT

Muscle Gain Specialist

Valeria Jimenez

Personal Trainer

My name is Valeria Jimenez, sport and physical development has been in my life since I was little, I have trained for more than 5 years and being a fitness trainer for barbell athletic for 1 year, my BIGGEST focus is LEGS AND BUTTLOCKS, I like to give you my 100% and train hard.

The idea is to create a team together, where I will take care of teaching you, give you that energy and motivation day by day in order to develop a discipline and a taste for physical exercise. 

strengthening yourself mentally, obtaining habits and a lifestyle to go and endure where you want to be.

Personal Training Certifications:


American Muscle & Fitness PT

Booty Building Specialist

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All contracts require a $0 enrollment fee upon signup, 3 months commitment then month to month billing. Billing on the 15th of every month. 30 days written notice for cancelation.

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